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Joint Rejuvenate for Cats

Joint-Rejuvenate for Dogs

Cat arthritis detracts from a cat's quality of life more than anything else. Interestingly, it’s probably the least recognized and treated condition, particularly in cats. This is because it often comes on very slowly and we expect dogs and cats to slow down as they get old. Cats also spend much of their time sleeping. Clients are often amazed at how much more vitality their cat has once their arthritis is treated. It’s like their 7 or 8 years younger. Many people with arthritis are prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory tablets. These usually help to relieve the pain, but can also cause some very serious side effects such as gastric ulceration and kidney disease. The same applies to cats with arthritis and dogs. Cats are less tolerant to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs than are dogs and humans so good quality Green Lipped Mussel products like Joint Rejuvenate are especially important for your cat’s joint health. Cats like the fishy smell of the Joint rejuvenate.

- By Drs Philip McConachy & John Stewart, Veterinary Surgeons

Customer Reviews

Cat Symptoms in Arthritis

Cat Lover, MaryNarre Warren Victoria

I love cats. My vet  Dr John wonders why I have 13 of them, 6 of them over 14 years of age. I just kept  adopting them when they would come to me as strays . When Dr John needed to have a cat rehomed I could not say no. I have had a lot of success with Joint Rejuvenate.