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Joint Rejuvenate for Dogs

Joint-Rejuvenate for Dogs

Nearly all dogs, as they age, will develop wear and tear in their joints. Some breeds are particularly prone because of their genetics. 90% of dogs are likely to benefit from supplementation with Joint Rejuvenate. Your veterinary surgeon will advise whether your dog also needs Cartrophen or Pentosan or Zydax or weight loss or aspirin etc. Joint Rejuvenate is good for diseases associated in dog arthritis and it is incredibly safe. In cases of more severe joint degeneration your veterinarian will often choose to use Joint Rejuvenate in conjunction with other medications that are powerful but may have side-effects. Using Joint Rejuvenate allows lower doses of the more toxic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to be used.

Joint Rejuvenate has been proven to assist with both a joint rebuilding response and a normalization of inflammation, thus improving mobility and quality of life in dogs with arthritis. Breeds prone to hip and elbow dysplasia benefit from early treatment before lameness develops (some genetic families of German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Labradors etc.)

What Joint Rejuvenate can do for your favourite four-legged friend?

The Source

Joint Rejuvenate is derived from raw Green Lipped Mussel “meat”. Green lipped mussel“, (Perna Canaliculus) is a shellfish. This shellfish is a plankton filter feeder. It is grown in a part of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sound that has pristine clear waters. This results in low or non-existent bacterial counts and zero heavy metal content.

Arthritis Treatments’ Joint Rejuvenate contains the freeze dried green lipped mussel meat. These green lipped mussels are a totally natural, farmed shellfish resource.

The Process

Joint Rejuvenate is a source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, which are now widely accepted as providing raw materials for joint repair, which may result in joint pain relief in dogs.

Joint Rejuvenate is a unique source of the omega 3 fatty acid “eichosatetranoic acid” which has natural anti-inflammatory activity.

Joint Rejuvenate also contains small quantities of HA (hyaluronic acid) which assists with joint lubrication.

Dog Scientific Research

There are 4 publications from around the world looking at the effects of Green Lipped Mussel powder on joint problems and about dog arthritis. The results have varied depending, amongst other things, on the quality of the green lipped mussel powder and the dose rate. Heat is the enemy of the active compounds in Green Lipped Mussel. Especially in early studies, heat damaged green lipped mussel powder may have been used. As might be expected, the results when heat damaged green lipped mussel was used were poor. Research From Helsinki University in Finland (Bjorkman et al "Evaluating Complementary Therapies for Canine Osteoarthritis Part 1: Green-lipped Mussel (Perna Canaliculus)) is available by sending an email request to Sue at We should warn you that this is not easy reading for the non scientifically trained person.

Research has been done where dogs have been given different dose rates. The effects on wear and tear arthritis are dose related. The recommended dose rates for Joint Rejuvenate for dogs are 20 to 60 mg/kg. This dose rate has been determined based on dose rates reported in the scientific literature and our clinical experience with our own brand of green lipped mussel powder (Bioacteev brand) Not every green lipped mussel product is assayed for its anti inflammatory activity so it is difficult for the consumer to know the quality of the green lipped mussel powder they are buying and what dose rate they should be feeding.The Green Lipped Mussel powder that is used to make Joint Rejuvenate is not the cheapest but it is of of the very highest bioactivity. We have assumed that our brand of green lipped mussel powder (Bioacteev brand) is as good or better quality than that used in the trial work. Bioacteev brand was not used in any of the trials that led to the 4 publications present in the scientific literature.

Customer Reviews

dog arthritis treatment

Janine & Stephen FenwickEquine Body Therapist (EBT) & Campdraft competitor

Before we started our 17 year old border collie on Joint Rejuvenate he was very lame. He could hardly get on his bed from very stiff joints, he was unable to shake as he would lose balance and he could only walk short distances. Since being given 1 flat scoop of Joint Rejuvenate daily, Banjo is getting in and out of his bed, he is shaking again, he is going for walks around the farm and he is following us and the horses when we go for a ride. He is so active again and seems so much happier being able to come with us wherever we go. Thank you so much!

Dr Phil McConachyBVSc, Veterinary Surgeon

Initially I was sceptical about the claims. However, I have now been using Joint Rejuvenate in the Pound Road Veterinary Clinic for the last 6 years as part of my management of arthritis in dogs. It is a cost effective way of contributing to both pain relief and joint regeneration

AndrewRetired Builder

I was unsure about the extent of improvement a joint product would provide, but got advice from my vet and decided to try one. Since putting Robbie, our elderly terrier on Joint Rejuvenate we have noticed a huge improvement in his limping, stiffness and overall willingness to play.