8 Helpful Clues That Indicate Arthritis May Be Causing Your Dog Pain

8 Helpful Clues in Dog Arthritis

Most ageing dogs experience some degree of arthritis. But how do you know when it’s time to do something about it? Often, dogs show signs and symptoms that pain is affecting their quality of life due to the impact of arthritis on their ageing joints. Fortunately, the treatment of dog arthritis can be simple and […]

Arthritis Treatments’ uses stem cell treatment in Joint Rejuvenate

When stem cells were first being injected into joints, it was assumed the stem cells were having their effect helping joints by differentiating into new cartilage. Now it has been shown that in addition the effects are associated with the improved environment for healing within the joint created by the presence of the stem cells. […]

Green Lipped Mussel as a treatment for arthritis

There is a lot of scientific evidence to back the many anecdotal reports that the meat inside the green lipped mussel shell is a an effective aid in the management of arthritis . We would like to engage with the people who read this . We offer a free service supplying our clients who use […]