Does your dog, cat or horse suffer from joint problems?

Joint wear and tear and ageing inevitably result in joint problems.  Did you know that there are natural treatments that can alleviate your animal’s joint symptoms associated with age? Green Lipped Mussel extract is a scientifically proven side-effect free treatment for joint wear and tear that improves the health of your animal’s joints. If you would like to find out more about this product or other measures for dogs, cats and horses, follow the links below. Scientific references are available

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Joint Rejuvenate may improve the health and all function of joint cartilage and connective tissue in your dogs, horses, and cats.  Click on the BUY NOW button to order.

Joint Health for Dogs

Joint Health for Dogs

Nearly all dogs, as they age, will develop wear and tear in their joints. Some breeds are particularly prone to joint problems  because of their genetics.  Most dogs will  benefit from our natural remedy for joint wear and tear  Reduce your dog’s joint problems, stiffness, and improve the quality of your dog’s life with Joint Rejuvenate (pharmaceutical grade NZ green lipped mussel powder).

Joint Health for Horses

Joint Health for Horses

Horses that work hard in racing and performance events such as show-jumping, horse trials, dressage, endurance, cutting, polo,polocrosse, or camp-drafting will develop concussion related wear and tear in their joints, resulting in reduced performance and possibly a shortened athletic life. Most horses taking part in the sports mentioned will benefit from supplementation with Joint Rejuvenate  (pharmaceutical grade NZ green lipped mussel “superfood” powder to be added to the feed).

Joint Health for Cats

Joint Health for Cats

“Joint Rejuvenate” can help the majority of cats 15 years plus gain relief from the symptoms of joint wear and tear.  Joint Rejuvenate is a pharmaceutical grade NZ green lipped mussel powder to be added to the feed. Veterinary surgeons using Joint Rejuvenate in aging cats recognise it as a superfood and attribute the improvement in mobility to the omega 3 fatty acid component and other unidentified factors

What People Are Saying About Us

The following are just a few of the positive things our customers write about us.

I was unsure about the extent of improvement a joint product would provide, but got advice from my vet and decided to try one. Since putting Robbie, our elderly terrier on Joint Rejuvenate we have noticed a huge improvement in his limping, stiffness and overall willingness to play.

AndrewRetired Builder

Initially I was sceptical about the claims. However, I have now been using Joint Rejuvenate in the Pound Road Veterinary Clinic for the last 6 years as part of my management of arthritis in dogs. It is a cost effective way of contributing to both pain relief and joint regeneration.

Dr Phil McConachyBVSc, Veterinary Surgeon

I changed from Sascha’s Blend to Joint Rejuvenate with my dog Binks. He used to drag his feet on his walks but I saw him generate a spring in his step after a month of changing to Joint Rejuvenate.

Loraine SScience Teacher & Vet Nurse